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Simon Covell has discovered why he stopped using a # video mobile phone


Simon Covell, best known for his role in a talented show, revealed in Ellen's show that you can watch the planet, why he got rid of his cell phone, how long he did not use it and how he did it at all.

Simona Covella, the most neglected guitarist in her talents, held her show Ellen. She wanted to check rumors that she stopped using the cell phone. Simon said there was no phone anymore.

He had to fight from month to month to free himself from fear, on which more and more people were dependent. He said this was seen as being separated from alcohol. He praised his success and did not use his mobile phone for more than a year.

Simon Covell and Ellen DeGeneres

Simon Covell and Ellen DeGeneres
Photo: Printscreen IouTube

He decided for this step after losing his phone and feeling that the end of the world. Then he said: "It's just a phone, who cares!" He decided to stop it forever. He added that he is happier now because he does not look over the phone permanently, but he is thinking about the space where he is, and he needs to get better even if he remembers.

Ellen also surprised him on Simon's show with special helmet bikes. Simon is very reluctant to wear helmets because his hairstyle already looks like a helmet. Ellen also found a very elegant solution to this problem.

As the helmet was given as a gift, look at the video below, the whole show, where the hosts were Olivia Vilde, Jason Mraz in Meghan Coach, you can see it on Monday, November 19th, at 13:10 on the planet.

Current season of Ellen's show on Planet TV from Monday to Friday at 13.10.

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