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Six months later, the Slovenian language is mandatory for vehicles


Vehicle importers must provide the appropriate translations of all user interfaces into Slovenian within a maximum of six months.

At the initiative of the Slovenian Automobile Association and the Slovenian Consumer Association, based on an article published in this January issue of AMZS Motorevija, the Ministry of Culture asked car dealers and importers Slovenes who comply with the public use of the Slovenian Language Act.

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In the letter, the Ministry requests that the information, navigation and information systems of cars intended for sale on the Slovenian market be immediately translated into Slovenian. According to the conclusions of the Ministry of Culture, car dealers and importers are obliged to do so under the Slovenian Public Use Act.

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Without translation, life can also be endangered

The AMZS wrote that in a recent meeting with the Ministry of Culture of the Slovenian Automobile Association, the Slovenian Consumers Association and the Gloss Union, they noted that the user interface, which does not translate into the ‘Slovenian, poses a risk to users. , especially the elderly and those who do not understand foreign languages. With some sudden warnings on car screens, it can even endanger the safety and health of vehicle users and other road users if the driver does not understand these warnings and therefore ignores them. . In addition, the impossibility of choosing the Slovenian language often prevents consumers from using certain functionalities due to the risk of misuse and puts them in personal difficulties. At the same time, it pushes Slovenian on the margins of Slovenia and does not follow the acquis, although Slovenian is also the official language of the European Union.

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Many cars do not yet speak Slovenian

A good number of brand representatives and vehicle importers are aware of the importance of the use of Slovenian, as they dealt with the Slovenian translation of user interfaces, which also contributed greatly to the development of Slovenian terminology (standardization) in this field. The development of artificial intelligence in relation to language technologies already allows translations into several languages ​​with reasonable financial investments, and Slovenian is also quite developed in the digital environment, so that the small size of the market is no longer it can be an excuse.

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The Ministry of Culture is now urging other representatives of vehicle brands, who have not yet been able to reach an agreement with foreign companies to translate the information, navigation and information system into Slovenian, so that their cars speak Slovenian as soon as possible. possible. All representatives are expected to be responsible for the development and use of voice assistants or interfaces / applications in Slovenian as soon as possible. The Ministry of Culture has asked distributors and importers of vehicles to comply with the Slovenian Public Use Act by consistently ensuring the appropriate translations of all user interfaces within a maximum period of six months, or that all information intended for users of vehicle electronic devices given in Slovenian, especially in new vehicles, whenever possible, as well as in existing vehicles.

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