Tuesday , October 26 2021

SLS: The condition to participate in our events will be a negative test


SLS: The condition for participating in our events will be a negative test: democracy

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Due to the numerous cases of covid-19 infections that occur at various meetings by people who have been vaccinated or by people who have had covid-19, everyone will have to attend PCT events until further notice. send a negative test of covid-19, the SLS said.

In the face of the covid-19 epidemic, there are very different opinions about the effectiveness of individual measures to contain the epidemic. One of the measures to prevent infections is PCT disease. Because it has been shown that not only vaccinated people, but also vaccinated and infected people, get sick and spread the virus, the only sensible mandatory test for covid-19 is for all healthy people or anyone, they added.

Since unvaccinated tests are mandatory to attend various events according to the current ordinance, we will require a negative test for covid-19 from all participants until further notice to participate in events organized by SLS, where the condition applies PCT. The next steps will be decided soon by the SLS bodies.

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