Saturday , August 13 2022

Tanja and Đuro at the airport without a mask, so they were treated


Tanja Ribič inside Branko Đurić Đuro they returned to the world. They posted a photo from the airport on Instagram and were the only ones in a long queue who were not wearing protective masks.

As is well known, Tanja and Đuro have been opposed to wearing masks and protective measures since the beginning of the pandemic. But when they communicated to our newsroom, they had no problem with that. “No one told us anything at the airport. They greeted us kindly. On the plane, the steward offered us a mask and we talked to him, but he left us. We noticed another pair without, and quite, with a mask on his chin, “Ribič summed up his remarks.

<p> Đuro and Tanja at the airport.  PHOTO: Instagram </p>
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Đuro and Tanja at the airport. PHOTO: Instagram

Tanja also told us they were going to London. But unlike last year, when he filmed the Netflix series there Zero Chill, this time Đuro is filming the series in Otok. “We had totally free admission and there is a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere,” the Slovenian actress is enthusiastic about England.

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