Saturday , March 6 2021

The 14-year-old man discovered a bug in Apple that allowed him to listen to him

Grant Thompson, 14, recently discovered an error on iPhone devices, allowing others to access the microphone and the camera before a person calls a call. Apple has already frozen the group video feature.

This is the error recently discovered in the Facetime application, which the teenager discovered after an accident. That is, in a conversation with a friend, he invited a third person and realized that his friend's microphone was active, although he did not confirm the call.

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CNN wrote that some users could also activate the camera on the phone that was invited to the conversation. Grant said: "When we verified several times that it was a real error, I informed my mother." The 14 year old who likes technology and phones and expects Apple to respond. Since 2016, the US company has offered 175,000 euros to those who discover an error in their products.

However, the award is complicated, as Apple said in a press release that there are special channels to report mistakes and get awards, but at the same time recognize that people who do not know about these channels. Thompson told the US media that he would be pleased with the new MacBook Pro, iPhona X and AirPods as a reward for a frank error.

New Apple productsPHOTO: AP

The error works on iPhones and iPads that are running on iOS 12.1 and Apple computers operating on the Mojave operating system. Apple needed a week after the public discovery of the error that the group chat option froze and reported: "We are aware of the errors and we have found a solution that will be available the following week through the software update."

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