Saturday , May 8 2021

The Serbian giant lost his temper, the judge just closed his eyes #video

The best Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokić lost his temper after an unbeaten personal foul. He first turned against Terrence Ross and stopped the counterattack in an ugly way, then angrily almost “knocked down” the referee, who closed his eyes when he met the NBA star and hoped for the best.

Denver beat Orlando, one of the best basketball players in the league, 119: 109 after the change Nikola Jokic he shone again and added 16 rebounds and nine assists to 17 points, only one ending up to the new triple-double, but it would soon all end in the first quarter when the referees overlooked the obvious offense.

After the crime, he met with the referee:

The Serbian giant, stopped by opposing players in every possible way, lost the stirrups for a short time, with a hard blow Terrenceu Rossu he stopped the counterattack and then found the referee, who closed his eyes in horror. It didn’t take long for a more serious incident to occur and in the end everything calmed down quickly. The Serb stepped on his half and the only thing left was a personal mistake.

Ross did not forget:

Ross returned to Jokić with an ugly foul, but after the match he laughed more at the Serbian star. Denver came out with its fifth straight win, while Orlando suffered its 33rd loss of the season and for now is far from leading the playoffs.

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