Wednesday , May 12 2021

The Supervisory Board proposes the dismissal of Director General of RTV Igor Kadunc

The Supervisory Board of RTV Slovenia was informed Works decided yesterday evening to recommend to the Council of RTV Slovenia the replacement of RTV Slovenia Director General Igor Kadunc. It is considered unlawful in business and breaching duties due to conflicts of interest with the production of Blade.

Kadunc told us he would not comment on the case until he received an order.

In order to solve his problem, we published in Del after the meeting of the Program Council when he failed to nominate Katja Serug as director of TV Slovenia. At that time, he said he was sorry that the uncertainty of his position affected the choice. Regarding the application to the CCP, he said: "I am a man who carefully follows what I'm doing. Everything I did was in place. I did not interfere in the Arsmedia procedure."

In accordance with the Statute of RTV Slovenia, the Council dismisses the Director General if the Director General requests the dismissal himself if one of the reasons for the termination of employment under the law pursuant to the Labor Relations Act is dismissed if the Director General fails to comply with the regulations and general acts of RTV Slovenia does not implement or does not implement the decisions of the RTV Slovenia's authorities or acts in contradiction with them, or if the Director General, by his bizarre or irregular work, causes greater damage to RTV Slovenia or if he neglects or does not perform his duties in such a way that serious disturbances may occur or may occur in the performance of the work of the RTV Slovenia Institute.

The Director General has the right to seek legal protection against the decision.

In the parliamentary term for the period 2014-2018. For years, the RTV Supervisory Board consists of: Peter Grašek, Irena Ostrouška, Janez Čadež, Bogomir Eržen, Rosvita Svenšek, Aleksander Igličar, Andrej Grah Vhatmough, Matjaž Medved, Matej Drašček, Maja Kovač and Simeon Rogelj.

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