Sunday , October 17 2021

This web browser will overcome us to recognize false news.

The Microsoft Edge web browser protects us with NewsGuard from false news.The Microsoft Edge web browser protects us with NewsGuard from false news.

The concept of the call False news He has only entered social consciousness after the US presidential elections in 2016, although they have been present since our inception. The biggest problem with fake news is that they are difficult to recognize because they are written in a way that easily induces the reader to mistake. Apparently, we will be much more secure in front of them if we install the latest in our mobile device with Android or iOS mobile web browser Microsoft Edge, because it is equipped with a special system to identify false news to the name NewsGuard.

The new technology built into the mobile web browser Microsoft Edge protects us from spreading false information through a dedicated algorithm. Although this algorithm, combined with artificial intelligence, is not infallible, it is still good enough to recognize most of the fake news that is spreading to the Internet. Many experts believe that NewsGuard technology is a true step in the fight against false information, although here much more work will be required.

It should be noted that the function of NewsGuard in the latest version of the Microsoft Edge web browser for Android and iOS is not included by default. We need to integrate it manually, in the Edge application configuration, with instructions that will be displayed immediately when the browser starts for the first time. Immediately after that, the mobile web browser Edge will notify you every time you visit a website or website that does not normally establish or publish verified information, which means that we have to take all the news published with a reservation.

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