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Tough times for the best Maribor assistant: Derviskević in disgrace, is interested in two clubs and DINNER …


While most of his colleagues had boarded a club bus that brought violent soccer players to the party's dilemma yesterday against the Icelandic champion Valur, after a training session, Amir Dervišević is He sat in his car and moved home after training. Darko Milanic did not even count on him this time.

Maribor's best forwarder of the previous season and one of the most deserved for the Styrian to win his fifteenth national title, in the last two seasons – more precisely the season and half of Maribor games and the purple engine . All this is Amir Dervišević, a soccer player who has a different status since the summer of the fifteen times of the Slovenian national champions. Like the one I already had, when I had to practice criminal training with another team. Or when it was borrowed by Mariborers in the lower neighborhood of Veržej.

To the violet, a high ranking midfielder has made the way from paradise (for example, playing in the two matches of the 16th final of the Europa League against Sevilla) in hell (training with one another team is definitely close to this definition), returning to paradise (last season it was definitely for him). But now Dervišević has returned to hell. This time, even deeper. Especially because it was launched for the first time in hell, as one might say, because it was a nonsense with no sense. This time he was not guilty of anything. This time, in a professional purple office, they simply decided not to count on him. They did not lead their best assistant to Iceland in the previous season, nor were they placed in the bank or in the match with Triglav nor in the return match yesterday with Valur.

Zahovic first demanded a lot
It seems that the love between violet and Dervišević is definitely the end. It was the moment of the letter. Of course, the question arises from where the future Slovenian team will emerge. The public leaked information that simply left Dervišević's professional staff and communicated it clearly, which, of course, makes Dervišević's desperate people aware that the 27-year-old soccer player has no future in Ljudski vrt. And that is why its price is, therefore, much lower than it would be if you still had Dervisevic in Maribor.

And Zlatko Zahovic still insists that he wants to get a good compensation for the soccer player with the best left of the first Slovenian soccer league. According to our information, the Maribor sports director, for his midfielders, was constituted, according to the situation, to an almost astronomical compensation for an amount of 600,000 euros; In recent days, it would have to slightly reduce its demands, but for Dervisevic he continues claiming compensation of 400,000 euros.

They fly in two clubs


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