Sunday , October 17 2021

What was the cause of the death of Kim Porter?

After the sudden death of a former couple and mother of rap rapist Diddy last November, death detectives in Los Angeles discovered the cause of their death.

Kim Porter died of a specific type of lung infection, which is often due to a cold or a flu.PHOTO: AP

47 years old Kim Porter He died in November due to one of the forms of pneumonia, confirmed by mortuary observers. She was a long-time partnerBe Combs "Diddy", but found her dead in Los Angeles. He had an infection, which often occurs after a cold or flu, which directly attacks one of the wings of the lung.

"We were more than a better friend, more than a soul mate, we were another person, and that's why I miss you. Super black love, I will raise our family as you have taught. Et I will love forever ". After his death, said Diddy.

They were together for thirteen years, and their union broke due to their deception. They stayed in friendly relationships and later admitted that, although they are no longer connected in a romantic way, they participate in the child's creature and that their family works exemplary.

Three children were born, 20 years old Christian and twins of 11 yearsStar of LilacinJessie James. Diddy also helped raise her 27-year-old son Quincy, which he had in relation to the singer and producerAl B. Suhr.

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