Thursday , July 7 2022

William and Kate: an angry look and a fake smile


The portrait of the royal family of Archie's baptism raised many questions about the relationship between the royal quartet. Physicists examined the position of William and Kate, who are extremely rigid and absent in photography.

According to the burning of a small burning baptism Archie Now, the British media have focused their attention on Windsor Castle family photography. Photographs of the Royal Cross, where they are Meghan in Harry Meeting family members rounded the web and were reflected in physics specialists. The prince attracted more attention William and the Duke of Cambridge Katebecause they seem very tense to the photo. The British media conclude that this is a consequence of the relations of the royal quartet.

Prince William and the Duke of Cambridge caused a wave of rumors about the portrait of a family portrait.PHOTO: Multimedia

If we look at a family portrait in detail, it is clear that William and Kate are subject to a lot of tension. Expert Traci Brownsaid about his position: "What is extraordinary is what is not proper to the members of the royal family."William has his hands in the position of the leaf of the fig, which indicates discomfort and protection. Another expert in body language agrees with the conclusions,Patti Wood: "Prince William is often very relaxed and happy in family events. In the cross photo he is rigid and" lies "to himself. In addition to his complicated hand, his facial imitations are also worrying. "The front and the faces have a downward appearance, it gives an acid look"explains Wood.

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Although Kate is more relaxed, the experts see that it is tighter than we are accustomed to. "It is also interesting that William and Kate are not inclined towards each other or to other family members" says Brown. Here are two questions: are there conflicts between couples or conflicts with other members of the family for rigid posture? Brownova also explained that body language explains what someone has in mind, but you never know why. Brown argues that we will have to wait for the correct answer.

Fans also talked about social networks about how, obviously, Prince William is angry and his wife has a false smile. It has been rumored for a long time that there is a tension between the brothers and their husbands. His relationships are getting worse, as Harry and Meghan left the palace recently and relinquished a solidarity project created by William and Kate.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are together with their son Archie in a balloon of happiness.PHOTO: Multimedia

The opposite is the body language of Meghan and Harry in a photo along with his son Archie, where there is no tension. "Meghan and Harry are in a picture with a balloon of happiness, which is a total contrast with the tension of the royal family"explains Wood. His strong bond also confirms Harry's hand in Megana's hand and her gaze.

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