Monday , September 26 2022

You can check yourself on your huge database of stolen data


Earlier this week, Australian trojan information accidentally found an online database with about 773 million stolen email addresses and 22 million unique passwords that could be unlocked mail addresses Among the users affected there are users around the world, including Slovenia.

Troy Hunt You have downloaded about 87 gigabytes of web databases and have invited to visit the website I have been stubborn Verify that data has been stolen on pages where you have registered with a specific email address. Some also have passwords that they use for webmail.

In his blog, the expert wrote that the "Collection # 1" database (Collection # 1) has been designed for "several individual sites of several thousand different sources," it is two to three years. Initially, the database appeared on the cloud storage platform of Mega, but it has already been removed from the media through various media reports.

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According to Hunt, this is the largest collection of these data with which it has had a problem. Among the users affected there are users around the world, including Slovenia.

On the Hunt websiteI have been stubborn Users can check if your email address has compromised and read some security tips. Among other things, users will also be able to see if they have been victims of an attack from any previous intrusion. If it is in the list, replace the password you use for webmail, and the other passwords are not redundant up to three months.

A Microsoft giant employee explains that the information about email and passwords online is mainly used in the call. filling out credentials. In this type of "grouped" attacks, attackers with a title and password can log in to other websites, such as social networks or even online banks.

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"Collection # 1" could only be the tip of the iceberg. Journalist in the field of information securityBrian KrebsIn other words, a company that examines suspected stolen information forums, received clues about additional collections that carry numbers from 2 to 5 and are still sold on the web, reports the German weeklySpiegel.

The reporter communicated with the alleged seller, explaining that it was the most recent data of up to one year and the total size was four terabytes.

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