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Young Spaniards awarded the Germans a final defeat two years ago


The Spaniards have won the fifth European Championship title up to 21 years. There are so many Italians. Photo: Reuters

This was the fifth title of Spain, which started the Italian championship with a defeat against 1: 3 hosts. The victory was followed by Belgium (2: 1) and Poland (5: 0). In the semifinals, Luis de la Fuente's favorites beat France 4-1.

The onceist Napoli Fabian Ruiz already crowned the Spaniards at minute 7. He was also selected as the best player in the tournament in Italy. Photo: Reuters

Ruiz crowned the great fortune of the Spaniards
The Spaniards started brilliantly, the Germans rarely reached half of the pitch during the opening quarter. Fabian Ruiz's Mikel Oyarzabal struck his penalty well enough to beat the goalkeeper and extend the home team's lead to 2 – 0 after a corner kick that was nicely executed by. The ball went back and reached Alexander Nübel, who had plenty of space to assist with the score,

Ruiz hit the German network in the 7th minute

Only after half an hour did the Germans achieve a balance. 33 minutes into the match, Luco Waldschmidta missed a penalty when the keeper made a premature dive in the right direction, and palmed the ball out of the way.

Olmo took advantage of the great error of Nübel
The other half started the Germans much better. Friburgo's forward, Gian-Luca Waldschimdt, who was the best goalkeeper of the European champions with seven goals, shot 53 minutes in front of the door. In the midst of the biggest advantage of the Germans, the Spaniards increased to 2: 0. Fabian Ruiz shot from the edge of the area, a very shy shot and easy to pick up for Nübel, and Danija Olma va He left and made a great blow in a difficult position. The football player from Denmark Zagreb is pushing the German guard on the net.

Amiri scored a decent goal for the Germans

Soler shook the crossbar
The Germans later relaxed a bit. Fabian Ruiz had a good opportunity to score 3-0, but with a diagonal shot, the door failed a little. New minutes before the end, Carlos Soler shook the crossbar with a strong shot.

Amiri went down too late
After 83 minutes, the goalkeeper of the reserve, Lucas Nmecha, entered the penalty area with a strong Waldschmidta who passed the goal. A bright striker, who has many European clubs, was not in the final phase. I was too nervous.

The coach Stefan Kuntz was able to enter the final with the new generation. The old big striker sees many like the successor of Joachim Löw in the bank of the elves. Photo: Reuters

Two minutes before the end, Nadiem Amiri got a shot from the left side, in the 25th minute, but the header of Jesusa Valle kicked against Antonia Sivero. The final pressure from the Germans did not bear fruit, and the Spaniards waited for the fifth title of Europe's Championships up to 21 years.

Finale, Udine:
SPAIN – Germany 2: 1 (1: 0)
Ruiz 7, Olmo 69; Amiri 88.

Spain: Sivera, Martín, Vallejo, Núñez, Júnior, Fabian Ruiz (78./Merino), Marc Roca, Dani Olmo, Dani Ceballos, Pablo Fornals (72./Mayor), Oyarzabal (55./Sol.).

Germany: Nübel, Klostermann, Tah, Baumgartl, Henrichs, M. Eggestein (78./Nmecha), Serdar (61./Neuhaus), Dahoud, Öztunali (72./Richter), Waldschmidt, Amiri.

Judge: Srđan Jovanović (Serbia)

Semifinals, Bologna:
GERMANY – Romania 4: 2 (1: 2)
Amiri 21, 94, Waldschmidt 51- / 11-m, 90; Puscas 27. 11.-m, 44.
RK: Pascanu 92./Romania

Reggio Emilia:
SPAIN – France 4: 1 (2: 1)
Roca 28., Oyarzabal 45.11 m, Olmo 47., Mayoral 67 .; Mat 11/16/11

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