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15 million tweets about GoT – only this year – Culture and entertainment


On Monday, the eighth and last season of the fantasy series "Thrones game" has the Swedish premiere. It has hardly happened to anybody, especially to Twitter enthusiasts. Only in 2019 we talked about the series more than 15 million times, according to platform data.

Most of the activity was on March 5, when the trailer was released, followed closely on January 14, when the release date was announced.

Jon Snow at the top

The most popular character is Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. The question is whether he knows himself. A quote from the series that had its own wings very fast among the fans is Ygrittes "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow." In spite of ignorance, the strong emotions arose during the recording and the actors Rose Leslie and Kit Harington married last year.

In the series world, however, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) won the heart of Snow. The dragon mother is the character on which he has been most popular. Third, it will be the tough Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

Funny cat

There has also been some fun on the series over the years. One of the funniest messages (or at least one of the most annoying) is "Ralphingoutloud" user operation with fans who, according to a BBC article, were disappointed that Daenery was not blonde every day.

"Wait until they discover that there are no real dragons" tweeted Ralphingoutlouds. A tweet that was sent 134,000 times.

Even the image of a user's "justjust" of a cat in a trash has become a classic Internet. The cat is afraid of Olena Tyrell, who in an immortal scene urges Jamie Lannister to tell Cersei that it was she who was behind the poisonous murder of Joffrey's son. Tweete It has been retweeted 92,000 times.

The eighth and last season of "Thrones game" will be broadcast by HBO Nordic and C More on April 15.

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