Thursday , August 11 2022

Apple confirms: T2 chip prevents unauthorized repairs


Imac Pro released last autumn was the first time. Since then, the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini have got: the T2 chip, the new Apple chip controller that controls Mac at a glance after launch, memory management, storage of secure Touch Data and more.

Apple has now confirmed The Verge that Macar can not fix the T2 chip at all. After replacing the motherboard, touch sensor ID, flash memory and possibly other components, the diagnostic software AST 2 System Configuration must be started, otherwise the T2 chip will lock the computer. Apple did not share a complete list of affected components.

The software is sent only to Apple's stores and authorized service agencies. This means that small, small independent repair companies, such as home fixes, will not be able to execute the type of patches on new Macs.

Ifikit speculates that Apple may have introduced the system to monitor service centers and check that they only use genuine Apple components.

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