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Aschan makes a drama comedy about the toughest relationships – culture and entertainment


Seven years ago, Lisa Aschan achieved great success with the film "Apflickers", which was awarded with several golden bags. Now this autumn she plays her most beautiful film so far: "Invite Mom!"

It's about relationships with mom and daughter. I've built a whole scenario about the impossible equation all parents are waiting for "thanks" while all the kids are waiting for "sorry", says Lisa Aschan.

She believes that the relationship between mother and daughter is deeper than the relationship between parents and the child.

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Sanna Sundkvist (center) plays the main character in Call Mum! Here at a wedding where Evin Ahmads and the role of Alex Lundberg are married. Sundkvist describes the script as the most important one she has read. The nose in the nose is explained in the film.

I think that there is a deep identification, and that they are reflecting towards each other. It makes it deeper than anything else. It makes both wonderful, but it can be very complicated, says Aschan.

"The Smooth Manuscript"

Sanna Sundkvist plays the daughter who is the main character of the film. She immediately fell on the script.

I thought it was the most intense scenario I've ever read. I recognized myself too much. It's not always that easy, Sundkvist says with a smile.

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The figure for the role of Sanna Sundkvist and Alexander Karim go to the wedding together in the "Call Mum!".

Lisa Aschan promises that this is not a film about herself. But her experience that both daughter and mother helped.

As a daughter, you can be a bit self-satisfied and think you do everything right. Then, when you become a mother, you realize that it's really bad. Behavior is very fun to work, says Aschan.

Film tennis

She does not want to feel the pressure that the film must be good after the past successes.

Film shooting is like tennis, every moment is important. There is nothing to imagine except for the present, "said Liza Aschan.

Sanna Sundkvist appears in the box on the white screen this autumn, including the film "Lirro" and several TV shows.

She will be a new experience, she says.

Sunkvist does not know how to react to recognition in the city.

We get what I think is nice or unpleasant.

TT: Are you ready to make sure there is not too much work to do?

I became better at it. But I like to work too much, Sanna Sundkvist admits.

In the movie for a year

The film was shot in Gothenburg this autumn and should be the premier of the next winter.

Mother Sundkin's role is played by Nina Gunka. The list includes Evin Ahmad, Alekander Karim, Eric Ericson and Bjorn Gustafsson.

As a daughter, you can be a bit self-satisfied and think you do everything right. Then you get it.

Lisa Aschan about mother-daughter relationship.

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