Tuesday , May 17 2022

Children with obesity can be well closed



Stock Photos. In the long-term program, children and their caregivers met a nurse, dietitian and, in some cases, a physiotherapist.

Children who are being treated for obesity in primary care or outpatient care have a relatively good chance of limiting their weight in the long run, according to a study from the Sahlgren Academy.

About 60 children passed the annual primary health care program. Three years later, without treatment, three out of ten were ranked in the category of less weight than before, the study shows.

According to Staff Mardilde, associate professor of pediatrics and pediatricians at the University Hospital Sahlgrenska, there is a picture that obesity should be a long way to treat at specialist clinics. He thinks that more people dare turn into primary care.

"It is not the case that the results of the weight in the study are really impressive, but they are about the same level as in the main research clinics." The great advantage is that the effects are effective even after four years, Staffan Marilde said in a press release.

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