Monday , May 16 2022

Consulting services in Jonkoping are being bought by huge companies


The consulting firm Reach Consulting was founded more than four years ago by Charlotte Hedenborn (Executive Director) and Ionatan Berglund (Deputy Executive Director). Today, the company has 40 employees, a turnover of approximately SEK 26 million, based on the locations of Jonkoping and Linkoping. The focus is on developing products with software skills, testing and validation, mechanics and electronics.

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They change names

Previously they were owned by Reach for the Stars AB and founder, but now B3 Consulting Group AB owns (65%), and founders increase their shares (35%). The new name will be B3 Reach Consulting AB.

B3 Consulting, founded in 2003 under the name B3IT, is a fast growing consulting company operating in eight locations – soon ten times through the purchase of Reach Consulting and 500 employees. They are listed at Nasdak Stockholm and focus on senior IT and Management consultants.

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Good match

For Reach Consulting, a change in ownership means that it can expand its business, including the public sector, retaining its profile as "the most noble Swedish company".

"This gives us more opportunities, for example, to work with more agreements in the private and public sector," says Charlotte Hedenborn, when the news comes through the phone.

– B3 Consulting is a company that shares our value base and we are just as we are doing. We can still be Reach, it will be a little better. B3 was still not there in Jonkoping and Linkoping, so we are a good match.

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