Friday , May 20 2022

Corazza Bildt goes to the tile


Moderate EU parliamentarians Anna Maria Corazza Bildt intend to enter tiles in order to make friends with the list of parties in the EU election. It appears to have received support from several places before the decision.

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (M), Member of the European Parliament.the painting: Filip Norman / TT

"I hope and I believe that the party's moderator's advice will be put on the list," said Corazza Bildt, who was not included in all 31 names nominated by the nomination panel in his proposal, TT.

She was very disappointed with the petition when the commission presented its proposal a month ago. Her husband, Carl Bildt, spoke about the fathers of Moscow.

"We landed in the desire for a new team," said Erik Langby, chairman of the nomination committee, when he motivated the committee's proposals in late October.

He also said that moderators are considered a major European party, but that several EU elections in the run have caused disappointment for the party.

On Friday, November 23, the party council will take a stand on the proposal and finalize the list before the elections to the European Parliament, held on May 26 next year. City of Stockholm, the home of Corazza Bildt, says she will be re-nominated for the post. According to TT, it can also receive support from modern women, modern elderly and county councils in Vasterbotten.

One idea is to suggest that the list expand with the name, rather than removing any.

Corazza Bildt in the election campaign before the parliamentary elections in 2014 successfully campaigned for a price tag, crossing two top names Gunnar Hekmark and Christopher Fjellner, and received over 16 percent of the party's personal voices. So she took one of three mandates M received.

Regardless of whether Hekmark or Fjellner set up repeated choices

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt says she has not received any motivation yet, which is why the appointment committee ratified it.

"You talked about me, but not me," she says

The nomination committee was nominated by former party secretary, legal spokeswoman Tomas Tobe, and then former leader of the group, Jessica Polfjard, parliamentary member Jorgen Varborn and Arba Kokalari, previously active in the youth federation.

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