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Criticism of the SVT documentary about Soran Ismail

The SVT documentary Persona non grata – Soran Ismail receives criticism from various sectors, including the cultural pages of the evening pages.

Turned on The Expressen culture page writes Gunilla Brodrej

Entitled “Persona non grata,” SVT invites viewers to the rape defendant’s perspective in a two-part documentary in a dark Nordic noir style. The time has come: the reaction after metoo is like a constantly active fan. “

Tone Schunnesson writes Culture Aftonbladet:

“The film’s attempt to differentiate Ismail’s whereabouts and the way he ended up there is not an honest interpretation of anyone trying to move forward after a public and crushing embarrassment. Instead, the film it becomes a public relations disaster “.

“No reviews”

Jorun Collin, editor and project manager of the documentary, says the hardest part has been not getting into the debt issue and that he has focused on portraying the limbo that arises when he is not legally convicted, but condemned to the eyes. of society.

– It is not a review where we will go to the bottom of what happened. But humans find ourselves like this, we want to know what happened. So it has been very difficult.

There are several that relate the documentary to the fact that Göran Lambertz’s press conference was broadcast live, which is a metoo reaction, what about that review?

– It is clear that this program would have aroused emotions even if it was broadcast a little over a week ago, but now I understand that it is seen in the light of the live broadcast of the Lambertz press conference, he says and continues :

– According to the legal system, it should be considered innocent, while we know how difficult it is to lead these cases to trial and conviction. I understand that the program arouses anger and commitment. I hope you can watch the show and keep several thoughts in your head at the same time.

Woman convicted of defamation

In the fall of 2017, Dagens Nyheter reported that three women reported a comic book to police for harassment and abuse, including rape.

Preliminary investigation into the three reports was subsequently withdrawn.

In March 2020, a woman was convicted of serious libel after writing in a closed Facebook group that Ismail had subjected her to sexual harassment.

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