Friday , August 12 2022

Expert: That's why you should eat snorkel cows – News in Trelleborg – 24 hours a day


Do you also think that eating your own diving cakes is very unpleasant?

According to Dr. Meg LemonDermatologist trained in Barcelona ColoradoHowever, there is an advantage when you break the internal food after you have chopped on your nose.

In addition to telling patients who eat diving cows, they also advise eating foods that have dropped to the ground.

What is the reason? According to Lemon, it is about improving the immune system.

– You should not get your nose, you should eat it. I tell people when they lose food on the ground, pick it up and eat it, says Lemon at the New York Times and continues:

– Our immune system must work. For millions of years, our immune system evolved through constant attacks. Now, the immune system has nothing to do.

In Sweden we see ourselves So relatively clean and it is not uncommon to carry hand-held aerosols or avoid touching the stairs. But, according to Dr Lemon, cleaning can turn us into a supportive service, since the immune system has no opportunity to work and, therefore, it can not be reinforced either.

seconds Agnes Wold, Professor of clinical bacteriology a Sahlgrenska Academy a University of Göteborg Demand a little lemon you have.

– Of course, it does not matter if you eat something that you lost on the ground. And it should not be clean on the floor. There are no pathogenic bacteria, that is, bacteria that cause illness on the floor. The pathogenic bacteria do not propagate in this way. It spreads among people. The few bacteria on the floor do not teach them to become sick, he explains to Nyheter24.

That would be useful However, eating cork stoppers is not maintained at Wold.

– Snorkelkor is not good or bad. They are yours. Exactly the bacteria that you already have in your nose, swallow it all the time, it tells Nyheter24.

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