Wednesday , March 3 2021

Giant penis in the snow is on Highway 40

Tuesday caused heavy snowfall in large parts of the region. During the night until Wednesday, someone or someone took the opportunity and built a huge snow penis in a roundabout on the outskirts of Borås.

The roundabout is at the exit of Highway 40 towards Dalsjöfors and Äspered. According to motorist Perra Larsson, who saw the snow penis in the morning and is interviewed in Borås Tidning, it has become a tradition for such a snow sculpture to appear at the roundabout.

– This is the fifth year it has been there. And I think it’s a fun thing. Since then, there have been very favorable conditions with the snow falling, Perra Larsson tells the newspaper.

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Kommunala bolaget: products from the sculpture collection

Helena Alçenius is the CEO of Borås TME, a municipal company with the task of marketing Borås. He hasn’t heard of the snow penis, but laughs a lot when he sees pictures of the creation.

– I’m a little impressed, because it’s not something that is built in the blink of an eye, but has to be built on the web. It looks well done, I hope they had a good time when they did, she says.

How does this brand affect Borås?

– Probably does not generate long-term value, either positively or negatively. A few years ago, Borås became known as the place in the country where women were sexually happiest. It also caught my eye for a moment, but it passed quickly. I think this is exactly what will dissolve on its own.

So it won’t be part of Borås ’400th anniversary celebration?

– We didn’t have time for that, no. A bit playful, you might see it as a temporary creation in our collection of sculptures.

Swedish transport administration: may be dangerous in traffic

But the snow penis is not just an element that laughs in the traffic environment. It is located in a roundabout in charge of the Swedish Transport Administration and the sculpture can be dangerous in traffic.

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– There must be no signs or artistic expressions that disturb the atmosphere and traffic safety. If we find it during inspections, we remove it. It often ends up in a warehouse with one of our subcontractors, says Sofia Lindahl, a press communicator for the Swedish Transport Administration.

What about large snow objects?

– Even things made with natural materials can have a detrimental effect on road safety. I guess our contractor in the area has already noticed this and in the near future will have removed the snow buildup.

It does not turn out to be true. On Wednesday at 3pm, the Swedish Transport Administration heard from him again and announced that the contractor had not heard of the snow penis.

– On the other hand, our contact center has received calls because there is something in the roundabout that could affect traffic safety. It is now up to the contractor to fix it, but it is possible that the weather forces also did their part during the day, says Sofia Lindahl.

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