Thursday , December 9 2021

Gnaget waited after the invasion: "Assume AIK Pay"


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In the player, Gullfagel grass attacks the AIK fans.

Thousands of AIK's winners descended on the court.
The next day, Kalmar FF believes you have to order a new grass.
"We assume that AIK will pay," says Marketing Manager Anders Klevsand at the Barometer.

AIK secured a victory against Kalmar FF in the Golden Arena, twelve golds in the history of SM. After the match, a large number of visitors supported the plan to celebrate gold with their heroes – and to approach the ceremony when the cup was erected.

However, both green Gullfagel and armor construction avoided the invasion, and the next day Kalmar FF noticed that it was supposed to order a new grass for this plan – and that the "metal part was tilted" in the department department.

– We are documenting everything before the game. Now we're going to see what's hurt and then compile it, that's one part, says marketing manager Anders Klevsand to Barometer.

Klevsand says that I'm shutting down that club whose fans caused damage maybe responsible for the account.

"We will take everything with AIK, it's a good ethic when fans will destroy something in the other arena, they will replace it. We assume that AIK will pay," says Klevsand.

According to Plato, Mathias Svensson, now the herbs from the Netherlands will be ordered.

"The part in which the award ceremony was held was interrupted, we are talking about a thousand square meters in circles. In other parts of the plan there are bigger holes that need to be solved.

Regarding the cost estimate for Kalmar and the AIK extension, Klevsand says, when he calls the Football Channel, it will be postponed before the compilation is over.

"It's really hard to say: First, we have not seen any damage yet, we have not yet gone through the arena, first of all, we want to get the message that everything went well, many jumped in, but nobody hurt what I know." 12,000 viewers, of which two were rejected from the arena.

"It does not seem to have done so much deliberately, but more than it became when you climbed down. The networks are obviously intentional and someone took some lawns, but there are no big things.

But the invoice goes to AIK?
– Yes, if our outgoing auxiliary staff finds something, then we'll have to pay something that goes wrong for AIK.

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