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Hello Rapace moves with the love of Sonja Jawo


On Monday, the new Disney "Lion King" premiere and the red carpet was a celebrity ballet. Among other things, the actor, Ola Rapace, 47, appeared with his wife Sonja Jawo, 38 years old.

The couple got married in May this year during a romantic ceremony in the French capital of Paris. They have been married since May 10 and the marriage certificate was presented by the Swedish embassy in Paris. Then Sonja Jawo described that they decided to keep the ceremony private and intimate.

– We want it, in addition to a small tongue-piece, so I'll leave there, said Sonja Jawo the days after the wedding.

For Hänt, Ola Rapace actor explains that the wedding was a special and strong experience.

– It's absolutely wonderful, it's absolutely the best thing I've had throughout my life, says Hello Rapace to Hänt.

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Hello Rapace: "It happens a lot"

Hello Rapace and the love that Sonja traveled to Paris on Thursday, married at the embassy on Friday and then returned home to Sweden on Saturday, write the news site. The weather was at his side despite the rain and the waste during the weekend. He rained during his stay in Paris, except during the two-hour ceremony.

Hello Rapace also says that during the wedding there were no guests. Without the presence of the couple during an intimate ceremony without the presence of relatives and friends.

In addition, the actor reveals that spouses are making the next step in the relationship and the future seems bright.

– We just changed each other and we are in the middle of a so-called chaos in movement, so it's a lot, says Ola Rapace for Hänt.

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Future plans: "We will see a little how everything arrives"

For Ola Rapace, Paris is a special city. The actor lives partly in the French capital and has worked hard in the city over the years. Now it's time to spend some time in the fall too.

– I hope that you do things in France this fall, so we'll see how it will be, explains Ola Rapace for Hänt.

Rapace does not want to give details of what the plans are or if he wants to say that Sonja Jawo's wife should accompany her, writes Hänt, but responds cryptically that "we will see what we find in the fall" and suggests that probably It will not do it will go alone.

Expressen is looking for Hello Rapace.

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