Tuesday , September 27 2022

Here's a Samsung mobile phone


The Samsung's mobile phone consists of a screen from the inside and a much larger screen from the inside, the screen that was erected is wide 7.3 inches. During the presentation we got a prototype phone where the design was thoroughly concealed. So it was a really clumsy phone that we had to see. In any case, a feature appeared. All functions of the phone are available on the external screen, and when you open the phone, the application you used on the external screen is ready for use on the internal, larger screen.

A few challenges

In order to succeed in making this phone, Samsung emphasized that it has overcome several technical challenges. The screen is called Infiniti Flek Displai, and in addition to the fold-down screen, long-term plans are also available on mobile screens and screens that are flexible and can stretch.

The Samsung switching screen has shown that it needs to make the screen much thinner, and the use of other materials from the founders can also fix the bearings, but at the same time allow all layers to move and be flexible. The device shown showed that the crowd only watched quickly, but the image quality was good at all.

Mass production in the coming months

During the presentation, it was ensured that the screen that was flexible was not only a trick but progress was made even in the sense that the screen ended in the hands of clients. Samsung promised to be ready for mass production sometime in the coming months.

Custom interface

Samsungov's mind with a big heart inside it is that you can use multiple applications at the same time, do not switch between different applications, and that you do not actually have space to use multiple applications side by side. First, it is noted that all functions are available on an external small screen, but the application you use on the external screen is active on the larger fold-up screen when you open the phone. In addition to being able to use the entire surface of the internal screen, for example reading the entire screen or movie, you can split the screen into up to three applications that work in parallel.

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