It seemed to be 0-0 between IFK Norrköping and Sirius. But in the 89th minute, the Uppslaget counter in Östgötaporten and Philip Haglund had a gold position to lower the boys in the country. Also, the striker and the 1-0 finished the match. It was fair, says Lukas Jonsson.

One should not sound too arrogant, but I think it was well deserved. At least one point, says C More.

There has also been a competitive situation between him and John Alvbåge during the season. Before the stay, Jonsson was allowed to sit on the bench.

– They made a change during the spring season to break some trends, so it was nice to have the opportunity to show me again that I am what I was in the box.

Jonsson has also been at IFK Norrköping at the beginning of his career. Between 2008 and 2010 he represented Beijing. It was a special match for Jonsson.

– It's been a dream for fifteen years now and you have moved to play a football team in "Parken" (today Östgötaporten, ed Note). Now, finally, I have to do it. That with Sirius did not do anything, it was almost only better.

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