Sunday , May 22 2022

Land suspected to be behind legionary epidemics


41 people hurt, most of them in June. Reported cases of illness in six counties, but most of them ill, 20 years old from Stockholm.

One person died.

Legionella infection is a disease that can be reported and caused by bacteria. Bacteria are common in soil and water collections. In different types of water systems, bacteria may begin to grow and there is a risk of inhalation of the so-called. Aerosols, or very small particles of water.

In severe illness, the infection can be manifested as pneumonia, usually with high temperature, as well as headache and muscle pain. Diarrhea occurs frequently.

The disease affects almost all people who have a reduced immune system, such as the elderly or people with other illnesses. Deaths occur despite modern intensive care, mortality is high, between 5-20 percent.

Source: Public Health Authority

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