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LARMET: The consumption of drugs – can be affected hundreds of thousands – News in Kristianstad – 24 hours a day


Hundreds of thousands of people use antidrugs every year, according to the statistics requested by the Siren news agency. Now, the only non-prescription drug without a prescription, Vanquin, is over and it is not expected to return until August.

There is one Alternative to the recipe, Vermox, but with the increase in demand there is a risk that this drug will also end, which happened in the fall of 2018.

"We have seen that the residual listings of medications, in general, have increased in recent years," he says Johan Andersson, Chief of Unit of the Agency for Medical Products at the Siren News Agency.

In the county of Skåne Last year, 78 584 daily doses of drugs were sold for a mask. This is a decrease compared to 2017, when the name was 0.018. In 2016, 92,815 daily doses were sold.

The reason for the residual list, that is, that the manufacturer can not order the medication, is that there is a lack of active substance to Vanquin.

– The margins of the pharmaceutical area are getting smaller. Small changes in the offer, demand or inventory may cause the re-election of a drug, says Johan Andersson at the Siren News Agency.

In Sweden, it was sold Little more than 620,000 daily doses of anti-slip medications in 2018, the previous year, occurred around 860,000 daily doses, according to the statistics of the health authority. The number of daily doses provides an approximate measure of how many treatments against a template were taken in one year, but the number does not correspond to the exact number of patients, partly because the number of tablets varies depending on the weight of the patient.

Charts: Siren news agency. Source: Electronic health authority.

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