Sunday , May 22 2022

Mainly positive for "Battlefield V"


According to Metacritic, the PC Game Version 82 out of 100 gets an average of 32 reviews. Michael Higham of Gamespot writes that the game follows the previous game in the winning form of the series, giving the game eight out of ten in scoring. Kotakou's reviewer Heather Alekandra thinks the game is good and that it will be playing for some time, although it's strange to make a party in World War II.

Double rating

Gameinformers reviewer Matt Bertz also puts eight in the rating, saying it is difficult to evaluate the game, as many content will be released, because.

IGN chooses to make two game reviews, partly for a multiplier mode, which has a 7.5 and one player mode, which earns 7.3. When it comes to individual gaming, the critic is critical that the programmers aim to get out, which is not always the strength of the Battlefield series, but also about some stories.

"Download Maps"

Among Swedish reviewers, Effie Karabuda of Aftonbladet puts four out of five ratings and describes a well-made and beautiful game, but without that surprising "factor." FZ Carl Johansson-Sundelius calls "Battlefield V" for a great creation, but the big question is whether it's innovative. M3 Niklas Alicki puts eight out of ten and finds it to be intense and fast "Battlefield", but that the cards are a little bit.

Even Gamereactor Kim Orremark puts eight and writes that all the restoration of the basic game mechanics gave a more accurate product than in many years.

Facts: "Battlefield"

"Battlefield" is a series of first-person war games focused on war against other players over the network. The game was announced by the American EA division and was developed by the Swedish Dice.

The first game in the series, "Battlefield 1942", came in 2002 and became a thunderbolt. Part of the success of the recipe was to allow players to use various types of vehicles, such as planes, tanks and ships.

Since then, the war has collapsed in the future, during the Vietnam War and recently during the First World War in Battlefield since 2016.

"Battlefield V" was released on Tuesday, November 20th, for PC, Plaistation 4 and Xbox One.

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