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Makoto Asahara: Jekyll will always have his Hyde

Asahara: Jekyll will always have his Hyde


Another goal of a Swedish football phenomenon reminded us, once again, of the little importance of age.

The same 39-year-old man also reminded us shortly after that an old dog cannot be taught to sit.

But most of all, it reminded us of the furious, frantic, dramatic beauty of Madonna’s derby, and that a Dane can still.

We have to get the elephant up to the room right away.

After all, it’s hard not to headline the story of this passionate, intense, angry, ardent and throbbing Madonna in the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia with something different from what happened at the end of the first half.

The incident, the noise, the conflict. Between two former teammates and now bitter rivals in the city. Between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku.

What was said exactly will surely be dissected by a whole team of lip readers, sound engineers and freelance experts from all corners and corners of the world as we tackle the aftermath of this earthquake in Milan. Whether it was a passionate rage in the midst of rival battle or something significantly worse. Whether it was something acceptable or completely unacceptable.

A clutch

Regardless of the words that were uttered from the mouth of a 39-year-old Swede, that I am a reader of lips too bad to intervene and establish a Tuesday night like this, we can state one thing.

That what seemed like it could be another glorious chapter of “The Curious Case of Zlatan Ibrahimovic” became a reminder of a classic mantra:

That old dogs cannot be taught to sit.

Animal “wrong” in context, but just as relevant for that.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never been alien to his career ending up in a judge’s book, for whatever reason. That the constant adrenaline that has taken him, and still takes him, to the heights he has reached over the years sometimes also becomes abundant, is really nothing that should surprise anyone. It may be that the second yellow card in this case, the one that finally appeared with its first red on European soil since 2015, was evoked by an out-of-place home run instead of an over-lit skull.

“Jekyll Will Always Have His Hyde”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains an age-defying football phenomenon. And provable that it is still extremely dangerous. But it remains as unpolished as ever. Hans Dr. Jekyll will always have his Mr. Hyde. And no matter what you think, it’s hard not to see a connection between these two phenomena.

Having said that. At the same time as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, once again in his career in the referee’s book for positive and negative reasons, Moloket had to leave this quarter-final prematurely, a disappointed Dane sitting and shaking on the bench. Inter.

Where he sat all too often.

Christian Eriksen’s Intergärning has so far been far from what he, Antonio Conte, Inter or Serie A expected. That the midfielder, once so elegantly bright, wants to go out the winter window is a little-kept secret. In the same way that Inter’s desire to suspend cooperation and save what can be saved can be a failed investment so far.

What he needed was her confidence

When Romelu Lukaku channeled his Swedish divorce directly into a penalty run and recognized his left ankle with 20 minutes left, Eriksen’s situation did not change. As was the case with the left quarter when referee Paolo Valeri handed over an entire quarterly report with slices of cheese reserved for a teammate, after his thighs could no longer keep up with the emotions, twists and drama of ‘this high-octave derby success.

But when the final whistle sounded an eternity later, after ten more minutes in Milan, it’s hard to argue that the situation hasn’t changed.

Tickets in the 88th minute. And in the 98th minute a sensitive foul that sent Inter to a derby victory and a ticket to the semifinals.

In the end, it may not have been what a virtuoso from the Danish midfield needed to save his general Interarv. But that was exactly what his confidence needed.

Above all, it was what Inter needed in a derby that had it all.

From: Makoto Asahara



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