Sunday , May 9 2021

Meraf Baht needs time – Sidsvenskan


Meraf Baht needs time

Meraf Bahta gives up all the competitors. The message comes after the Doping Commission of the Riksidrottsforbundet has recommended a year-long closure for Baht.

Meraf Bahta. Stock Photos.the painting: Jessica Gov / TT

"Obviously I was disappointed with the message, but I did not give up hope of being released. My running is my life and this is a difficult situation for me. So I feel that I need peace and quiet around me and therefore I choose to take a time period from the competition to gathered energy, focused on training, and spent time with family and friends, "she said in a press release from the Swedish Friidrottsforbundet.

Bahta, who took over the 10,000-meter EM bronze this year, has been punished three times for lack of a report on his stay. Upon the recommendation of the Doping Commission, the case was submitted to the Doping Committee for a decision on punishment.

President Bjorn O Nilsson also comments on the timetable:

"The Federal Board believes it is wise for Meraf to abandon all competitors in the current situation." "Stay signed up is a very important tool to work on the fight against doping, and therefore it is important to respect the rules." We are fully convinced that the doping committee has solved the problem and follow the continued the process together with Meraf, "he says.

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