Monday , September 26 2022

Mia Cuts, do you want to marry me?


I was not so good lately. For many reasons. I realized that I do not like that much. And I mostly do not like people so much. It's fine.

And then, when it was most necessary to me, Mia Karinger came to Vasteras and shone her light on the light of the stuffed Bombardier Arena.

I fell tears of laughter and sorrow. Mia quickly got out of the joke to seriously and backward, and the best humor there somewhere. The one who makes me live through life, talking and laughing at the difficulties of life.

What Mia does. She is discussing sexual abuse, eating disorders, mothers 'injuries, deaths, the demands of the girls' association, boys and more.

Nude is in many ways. Brave in every way. Strengthening everyone who experiences it.

Damn it. Now we're done with this game and we're just.

Mia Cuts sold 140,000 tickets before the tour began. Two globes and three scandinavians. Fully booked! She, however, continues to visit the spring. Go see if you have a chance!

I know how my attitude towards me and the world changes when I listen to Mia Cuts. When she says everything I think, but I can not formulate and present this genius and hysterically funny way. With the words, body and angel's voice. Yes, Mia is singing a few songs, and her hair is right.

When I sit in the audience watching Miju, I remember how many people can. For me. For mankind.

And I do not know her. But on Friday, she was the most important person in my life.

Unfortunately, I'm not a lesbian, but I would easily marry Mia Cuts.

And as far as people you want to be closest to their heart in life, there are millions of things that are more important than half.

Mia Scaringer received a public jubilee in Vasteras on Friday.

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