Monday , September 26 2022

Mood threatens the former Board of Executive Housing Association – P4 Malmohus


On the agenda of the extraordinary meeting of the association held today, the proposal is that members should sue the former committee.

Association with 738 apartments are one of the largest countries. It is suspected that in a few years you have paid over 200 million kronor for various projects that have never been lost or paid unreasonably.

"They did not follow projects and paid invoices for projects that were not delivered or not completed," says Fredrik Eklof, the new president of the housing association.

Police are investigating suspicion of fraud. The construction company has already been convicted of gross tax crimes. According to the judgment, he sent a large number of fake accounts to the association.

On Monday, the next sentence, dealing with gossip. The same construction company is suspected in that part, as well as the former president of the association, former board member and another entrepreneur.

They deny everything crimes. More accusations are expected to come. However, Fredrik Eklof is not sure that the association gets its money back with the charges of its former committee members.

"We do not want to count on this because the legal processes are so uncertain, but people were negligent, obviously, he says.

Association is threatened bankruptcy, but she regained her finances. The fee has been increased by ten percent and all agreements are overlooked.

– We often received a half-of-a-half refund. Then we were hard negotiators when negotiating new agreements.

New arrival was also established, as a state contribution to the demolition of the playground. Ida is one of the largest tenants 'owners' associations in the country, with a turnover of over 40 million.

That sets great demands for managing such a large association, "says Fredrik Eklof. In a review of the agreement, the new board uncovered many costs that were too high.

"We are in huge quantities, but when we look at conventional agreements, we see that a lot of money has been lost because the previous board was not successful," says Fredrik Eklof.

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