Monday , September 26 2022

Most common words in a residential advertisement – Housing Guide


This is the home page of, which at this time has developed a list of the most common words in home ads. You've already read the four most common ones.

– A closer service seems to be more important to emphasize that housing is well maintained. For explanatory reasons, you can not do that much, but the situation in the residence has all the possibilities for change, "says Matilda Adelborg, a Boolean press officer.

Spacious, large, open and light are common. Something Boole interprets because the plan still applies. The word is popularly come a long way before words like association and records.

– Looking at this list and to what extent the words are used, one can find out what is considered attractive and worth highlighting when a house changes ownership. Then, as a speculator, remember that words like "attractive", "pleasant" and "optimal" do not always mean the same for everyone, says Matilda Adelborg.

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