Saturday , May 8 2021

Movie – See how beautiful the Battlefield V is with traces of air

Battlefield V is one of the most powerful in the world that can feed your gaming computer. As if it was not enough, the game was given support for air monitoring, lighting technique yesterday as some tracks will be a new standard for playing.

We already know it is brutally demanding, and the question is how much fun it will play. You can find the answer in our film below. We recorded the same scene with DKSR (as the Rai-Tracing setting in the game is set) and turns off. DKSR is available in four steps of quality, we use the highest – ultra – and all other graphic controls are set to ultra. And it looks like:

The trace tracking effect is best seen when reflecting surfaces (windows, water columns) reflecting light. A pure failure is not easy to see, taking into account something that paid SEK 10-15,000 for a Geforce RTX graphics card that is capable of delivering air tracking.

At the same time, it is Battlefield V crazy already without DKSR, and in addition he noticed the details that tackle your eyes. I suppose, technology is easier to estimate in other titles, say Tomb Raider i Metro: Exit.

It should also be clear Battlefield V With tight graphics, his machine also does not require DKSR. The film was captured by the RTKS 2080 Ti card and the Intel I7 4790K processor, providing about 70-80 frames / second with DKSR off and 20-30 with a DKSR controller (there are four quality steps). In contrast, Sveclockers is about 130-140 fps with the same graphics cards and graphic settings, but a more modern I7 8700K processor under the hood.

In conclusion, the air intake is felt Battlefield V as a first step towards what can become standard in future matches. But we definitely are not there.

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