Friday , February 26 2021

"Norwegian does not survive as a company"

The statement is made after the Norwegian competitor announced Tuesday that it is taking out loans to do so financially after IAG has withdrawn from its plans to buy the company.

It's not the first time that Michael O & # 39; Leary criticizes his Norwegian competitor. A year ago, he predicted that the Norwegian would not survive.

The Norwegians added 30 percent to the Oslo opening trade, but they traded at 11.40 a little less than 12 percent.

Tomorrow we have reported that Norway plans to reinforce its balance through a fully guaranteed 3,000 million NOK issue.

The acquisition of capital would increase the financial flexibility and generate a margin for the bonds of bonds, writes the company in a press release.

The company must change its strategic approach at the same time, from growth to profitability.

Previously, you've tried to grow, but now Norway has to start making money.

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