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Peter looked for attention for a month – had TBE


Two miles north of Göteborg, Peter Meuller, 53, lives with his wife Vanessa Meuller, 38, and three children.

One day at the end of May, Peter Meuller stayed with his carpenter on the lawn and felt a tiredness suddenly assume it.

– I went directly to the sofa and I fell asleep. I was next to the health center in another case when I received antibiotics. And then the whole circus began, says Peter Meuller, who previously participated in the GP.

Since one of the side effects of the antibiotic was nausea, Peter Meuller knew that doctors did not take their explanations seriously.

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Instead, he referred to the original antibiotic course he received and received medication for nausea, he says.

– He caused the doctors to be trapped in this diagnosis. I went repeatedly and explained that I had nausea with other flu-like symptoms, such as fever, headache and, finally, neck stiffness, says Peter Meuller.

Peter Meuller was frustrated when he did not receive help for his illness or in the health center or in the emergency room.

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"Should I take two Ipren?"

For four weeks, Peter Meuller with his symptoms reached a total of six different medical visits, four in the health center and two in the emergency room.

– It can be said that this is an inverse spiral in which everything got worse. It was like ignoring the patient's health system, he says.

Symptoms worsened and, at the end of June, Peter Meuller tried with his last visit to the health center.

– The doctor explained that they could not do anything and asked him "I have to take two Ipren and lead me home or do you know what sickness I am?" Then he said he could drive home. I was so much included that I was about to leave the road, he says.

When the woman Vanessa Meuller returned home from work, he saw the car stay open at the entrance.

Peter Meuller explains that he had lost consciousness at this time.

Two days later he called an ambulance and arrived at the emergency room of Kungälv.

– Then a nurse took the temperature and had a fever of 40 degrees with reduction of the fever to the blood. Then I understood how bad it was, says Peter Meuller.

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The diagnosis was TBE – after four weeks

For three days I was in the hospital with drip and fever reduction. You have taken many samples and Peter Meuller has difficulties remembering the days.

– He was scattering almost constantly all the time. The first two days are a fog. Finally, they took samples of the spinal cord and were able to determine the diagnosis, he says.

Then, Peter Meuller had meningitis and cerebral inflammation. The doctors could say that it was the diagnosis of TBE.

For three days he stayed in the hospital for observation and follow-up tests. In the end he got to go home.

– I returned home two weeks ago and now I can not do anything. I take it in the morning, I need breakfast and I need to rest on the couch. Maybe I can go shopping, but then I have to rest, says Peter Meuller.

Vanessa and Peter Meuller were affected by the event in several ways. Both are disappointed by the cure.

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The family is considering the information

He explains that he has not received any forecast of how long the recovery will last but that he is still low for August.

– If you want to be bad, this is my life in the future. I have no idea. My sense of taste and smell is not what I have been and I do not have any strength, says Peter Meuller.

Retrospective emotions are not anger, but rather a frustration that responsible people are responsible for others.

"I will not live and I am bitter because I can not change the situation, but it bothers me that the health system is blamed," says Peter Meuller.

The family has concerns about reporting incidents to various healthcare inspections, including the health and care services inspection, Ivo.

Agneta Hamilton is one of the operations at the Coastal Care Center in Kungälv Municipality.


Response of the manager

The health center The coast of the municipality of Kungälv was visited by Peter Meuller on four occasions without making a diagnosis.

Business manager, Agneta Hamilton, explains why patients can fall into the chairs.

"There may be difficulties in describing the critical condition in these cases and, obviously, no one has suspected the disease in question," he says.

When he heard the case of Peter Meuller, he interrupted his permission to be able to familiarize himself with the situation.

– I went to the health center, I read all the newspapers and invited the staff. It was to investigate the organization and know if the staff has this disease in the deposit, he says.

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Because TBE is similar to many other viral diseases, it can be difficult to diagnose at an early stage. However, there is no treatment against TBE, but the body's immune system must work.

– In difficult cases of TBE, you need to take care of the hospital, but, on the contrary, there is no other treatment than preventive vaccination, says Agneta Hamilton.

She explains that the frustration that a patient has when he does not receive the care they need is something that has a great understanding.

– It takes it very seriously when people have opinions about health or have questions. And I have total understanding of the disappointment of this family, she says.

Do you want to enroll in lex Maria and investigate the event?

– The issue of the lex Maria notification must always be placed in these situations. And it is better to do it than not do it. Therefore, I consider it strongly for the business and for the sake of the family, says Agneta Hamilton.

This is TBE

TBE is a viral disease spread by ticks that can cause inflammation of the brain, meninges or both

It usually lasts between four and ten days from the infection until it gets ill, but it may take up to a month.

The first signs are strikes and general disorders such as headache, muscle aches, fatigue and fever. These symptoms only last for a few days or weeks. In most cases, the infection takes care of itself and is completely restored.

Even at risk areas, there are at most two hundred rotuses that carry the virus. Therefore, there is little risk of infection after stinging a single tick. In Sweden, around 200 to 250 people are sick at TBE every year.

Source: 1177.se

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