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Play the games of the V75 and V86 with the trotting experts of Sportblad


SKRALKOLLEN: Sportbladet environmental guide for V75 • Here you can join the Sportbladet cooperative game

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Making Love is one of the Saturday's V75 songs by Sportbladet experts.



To bring home the great triumph of trot, you have to look for the beetles.

The super experts at Sportbladet will guide you to the V75 round of Saturday at Solvalla, where, among other things, Mario Lipovac registered most of the country last Saturday.

– The horse is played strangely, says Erik Pettersson on his movement V75.

AD: Most of those registered in the country last Saturday, here you join the team and recover the V75 system from Sportbladet. [Extern länk]

In a collaboration between Sportbladet and Travklubben. If you have the chance to recover the participation system of Sportbladet in V86 and V75.

Saturday there is V75 in Solvalla with a gambling stop at 16.20.

Last Saturday, three systems of Sportbladet were well classified in the V75, where Mario Lipovac registered most of the country after having set seven in two of their systems. In total, the entire team deducted SEK 850,000 in V75.

In "Marios Trehundring", each V75 coupon obtained SEK 18,272 in profits and 1,827 KB per share. In the "Mario Exklusiv" system, the seven rights earned 22 076 in profits and 2 207 SEK per share.

The Sportbladet Inspection system deducted SEK 20,105 in revenue per coupon and SEK 2,010 per share.

Detailed giant fuss

In the "Skrällkollen" on Wednesday before the V86, several of our experts were at your disposal, when three of each five rags were seated and jumped into the last curve (11 Imma Hannover) with good odds of victory Those who were sitting were:

11 Love de Villeneuve (less than one percent at the time of publishing, 3 percent at the game stop).

5 M.T.Malkin (2 percent to the publication, 8 percent at the game stop)

2 Ready Lane (7 percent at the edition, 14 percent at the game stand)

Here, the strong movement of experts in the V75 round of Saturday in Solvalla. Back up the systems following the links below.

AD: Here you can get back to V75 at the last minute with the Sportbladet expert. [Extern länk]

Erik Pettersson:

10 Make love (V75-7) now has two races in the body after a year of absence. They have been good at both times. The last time I was hot but still stuck to the Illuminati all the way. The backs can be positive since you probably do not play forces on the back. You can reach a whistle end and if they advanced too quickly, the horse with constantly underestimated "Uffe" Eriksson comes out. Strangely little played (6 percent at the time of writing): it can be run perfectly here.

AD: Here you can delay the Pettersson VTR system. [Extern länk]

Mattias Karlsson (head of the sports magazine):

– Think that few horses in V75-1 are stronger than 2 perfect king, so that the distance of 3 140 meters will serve as the hand of the glove. Our colleague, Patrik Fernlund, who trains the horse together with his partner, Jasmine Ising, goes up and down to a low percentage, the horse is delivered to the coupon. Four percent at the time of writing.

AD: Set right last Saturday: here you can return the System of Inspection Sportbladets to V75. [Extern länk]

Christoffer Wickman:

14 Super Photo Bood (V75-2) I think that it has become too forgotten (2 percent at the time of writing) in an open career and that makes it interesting. It is considerably better than the most recent results and it will be very tarragon to see the demons here!

AD: Here you can delay Wickman's V40 system. [Extern länk]

Andreas Örtengren (Sportbladets Livesystem):

14 Roly Poly (V75-4) ended really hard at Mantorp and the print on the riot was great. This lady needs to go back to save the browser at the end and, if I could cope, I will not be surprised if "Street" Jepson is taken in third line with her. The route is not the best with post-entry submissions, but for the long distance, this publication is not enough. Eight percent at the time of writing.

The live reports of Trav365 of V75 starting at 3:00 pm on Saturday.

AD: Put the rings on Wednesdays, here you can delay the Livebladets Live system on the V75. [Extern länk]

Mario Lipovac:

4 nights at Brodde (V75-5) has two races in the body after pause and approaches the top form. In the last race, he ran very passively, but looked good. It has a good starting position and it goes out quickly, Luaguers horses go very well for the day and if it is difficult for colleagues who suffer worse positions, they can flee. New percent I see, what's wrong?

AD: Played more in the country last Saturday, here you can return "Super Mario". [Extern länk]

These are the five highest wins of V75 00:35

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