Thursday , July 7 2022

Predatory rain above Vellinge – named for the New Year's Company of the Year



Predatory rain above Vellinge – named for the New Year's Company of the Year

That's the week when the awards go to Wellinge. The next day, after the municipality was named the School of the Year, the next prize – Vellinge will also be the new company of the year.

Carina Vutzler (M), President of the Municipal Council in Wellinge, received a prize on Friday in Stockholm.the painting: Vellinge municipality

In total, nine municipalities have been nominated for a price based on the share of newly registered companies per thousand inhabitants over the past 18 months. The jury has since estimated that Vellinge has done the best job to strengthen the local business environment – both for old and new entrepreneurs.

Among other things, the business network of Vellinge, the development of digitization and e-services, and the work on aligning new arrivals with companies and new jobs were abolished.

In a motivation, the jury writes: "In Vellinge, it is known that blooming business is one of the pillars of mutual benefit. From this insight, it seems that the municipality will choose life as entrepreneurs."

"I am very proud that there are so many entrepreneurs in the municipality of Vellinge. New entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for continuous prosperity and development," said Carina Vutzler (M), president of the municipal council.

Apart from honor, hundreds of thousands of crowns will be awarded, which will be distributed to local initiatives or organizations for a period of three years. Behind the prize are Visma Spcs and Nev EntrepreneurCenter.


Other candidates:

• Helsingborg.

• Nikvarn.

• Strangnas.

• Harlequin.

• Golden Spikes.

• East.

• Nordanstig.

• Pitea.

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