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Read all about how Ridstrom was forced to leave KFF


On Sunday night it was clear – KFF icon Henrik Ridstrom might not stay in the association. Here you will find everything about the way to decide and the strong reactions that followed.

Henry Ridstrom's time for the Kalmar FF head coach starts on July 31st. Then Kalmar FF announced that Nanne Bergstrand was sick of "private reasons". Ridstrom, along with Jens Nilsson and Festim Pasho, can lead the team until further notice. The sick leave will be extended until the end of the season.

Under Ridstrom, Kalmar FF changes the philosophy of the game, instead of directly changing the football, the focus is on the larger possession of the ball. But the result was fired.

When the season comes to an end, it's clear that Henrik Ridstrom is not self-described as a KFF coach yet.

Henrik Ridstrom.

Photo: Patric Soderstrom / TT

Henrik Ridstrom.

"It's very uncertain"

"Henry is up-to-date, he obviously entered in and took a shaft after Nanne, then we will make a comprehensive assessment and assessment of how we want the association to push forward," said Mattias Rosenlund, club manager.

On November 7, Ridstrom said he had not heard the word from the association about his future.

"It looks very uncertain," he commented.

On the same day, sportsman Peter Alen writes a chronicle in which he thinks that there is uncertainty about the name of Ridstrom within KFF. "I think he is still considered a U19 coach without much experience, maybe even his reverse appearance, Svante Samuelsson."

When Captain Victor Elm asks the question, he says he is thinking very well of Ridstrom as a coach for the next season. On the other hand, he does not believe that the opinion of the player is particularly anxious for the management to make its decision.

"I think we do not have much to say. Then you can always say what you think, but I do not know how much it is measured," he says.

When the final signal passed after the last match of the year, when AIK secured gold in the Guldfageln arena, Henrik Ridstrom talks about how difficult the season is. He calls it "turbulent and crazy stress". He felt he was drowned for power and asked for a message if he could hold a training job or not.

– I can honestly say that it would be nice. So, it's so bad, what's up? "He comments.

But the answer continues to be retained. In the chronicle of November 12, sportsman Lasse Hansson criticized KFF's leadership for failing to act more quickly. "Now again you lose important time and stand there with a group of players that is not synchronized between the sports manager and coach. After the last turbulent years, Kalmar FF can not afford it."

At the KFF podium, Sport reports that there is a game of power on the issue of trainers and it shares the board.

As the day passes, it seems more and more likely that Ridstrom will continue to KFF. "The exit is felt: Henrik Ridstrom will be finished," writes Sport Peter Peter Ahlen in the chronicle of November 15th.

Rasmus Elm.

Photo: Patric Soderstrom / TT

Rasmus Elm.

"It's fairly low at the moment"

Then the association chooses the biggest star, Rasmus Elm, to mark it. He thinks "Henke" will stay and call the situation in KFF for "Circus and Carousel".

"It's a fairly low level now," says Barometer.

At 21.40, Sunday, November 18, the message ends. Henrik Ridstrom is not allowed to extend contracts but is forced to leave Kalmar FF.

"Basically, this is about sports development this autumn," says Mattias Rosenlund, Club Manager.

Ridstrom himself can not speak on the phone after the message, but responds to the sport via email.

"I suppose the Committee has made an equally detailed assessment as they expect an evaluation in their own company, but I never talked to anyone from the board or club, and I have never seen any of them during our theoretical conversations or exercises." But in any case, it is possible to make basic assessments, what I know. I do not know anything about the business world, "he said sourly.

The Kalmar FF message will allow fans and other players to go to bed. "Some of the fighters I've experienced during my 15 years as a full Swedish reporter," says Mattias Larsson, Evening Post.

On Monday morning there is a big banner in the Golden Arena. The message is clear and addressed to the board: "Leave or be deposited. Do not let the soul of the union die!" Supporters also begin a collection of names to get an extraordinary meeting.

"There is no one who can say that Henke (Ridstrom) has the right to train Kalmar FF, he has more association behaviors than a decision that is unsatisfactory," said Linus Hellman, who in the past 25 years had different tasks at KFF.

Mattias Rosenlund.


Mattias Rosenlund.

"We are not infertile and there is no one who is hiding"

Club head Mattias Rosenlund, who had sweats, defended the decision to beat Henrik Ridstrom.

"I talked to the media all day, but we are not without bed and no one is hiding. This only shows which icon and great profile of Henke after everything he did for association and can understand that people are upset. But now we have to look forward Forward, he comments on the resurrection.

When KFF maintains its first training after a weekly message, Henrik Ridstrom is not in position. The training is led by Jens Nilsson, who admits that it is a difficult day.

"There are no winners at the moment," Barometer said.

The sports are also discussed with the players Viktor Agardius and Johan Stenmark who give their opinion on the decision of the management.

At the same time that Kalmar FF made it clear that Henry Ridstrom was gone, the speculations about the next coach name were also accelerated. On Monday, Sport presented a list of several possible trainers, one of which is equally unexpectedly known as the legend of Liverpool Sami Hiipia.

"I've been here for so long in Kalmar, judging by things that are not relevant, the things I've said over the years"

On Monday afternoon, Henry Ridstrom gathered. After just replying to the media about electronic messages, he calls the Barometer. Now the undesirable KFF profile tells him that "he is not stupid in the head, but he realizes he is tilted". Now he is planning a new future, perhaps outside of Kalmar.

"I can imagine movement, of course, it's part of the ball, but I do not want to exclude anything and maybe be useful." "I've been here for a long time in Kalmar, judging by things that are not relevant, things I've said over the years," Barometer said, stating that anything happens, he wants to continue working with football:

"I have a lot of ambition to keep up with football. I've been thinking about so much football in the past four years, just drumming into me.

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