Tuesday , October 19 2021

Reputation: Wasteland’s band InXile works on a role-playing game in a steampunk setting


InXile comes out of the desert and takes steampunk.

A few days ago, NVIDIA’s database leaked not only game titles, but also job names in unknown titles. Some job names we already know what they are, while other names are hitherto completely unknown titles. Holland project that we already know it is Fable and Project Woodstock have proven to be so Forza Horizon 5. An unknown working name, however, was “Project Cobalt,” but now it looks like that’s the code name for InXile’s new role-playing game. We already know that the Wasteland studio is working on a first-person role-playing game and they have also released a conceptual image of Aleksander Danilovac that is very steampunk-ig.

InXile Entertainment is known for new role-playing game adoptions Barren land i The tale of Bard. If it is now true that they exchange fantasy and desert for steampunk, there is a great reason to watch the project.

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