Sunday , June 26 2022

Ronaldo dies in Manchester United: "They have not created anything"


Ronaldo dick in United: "Not even happy"

Juventus fell against United.

Then Cristiano Ronaldo video red.

"We should have won three or four goals," he said.

Juventus had the chance to join the Champions League.

Italians led 1-0 in Manchester United after goalkeeper Cristiano Ronaldo, but United became the last minute and won 2: 1.

After that, Jose Mourinho celebrated the victory by making a stupid gesture against Juventus fans.

"He did not win anything"

But in "Juve" the disappointment was great.

Ronaldo did not continue with the words after the match and meant that the result was unfair.

"Champions League is a special tournament, if you relax, everything can happen. We dominated 90 minutes and created a lot of chances, we should have previously killed the match, but abandoned and punished." United did not do anything to win. luck, because you have to find your way, and in this case, we just gave it up, "the Portuguese told Soccer Italy.

He continues:

"I was pleased with the goal, but of course I was a bit disappointed because we had to win three or four goals." Manchester United did not do much, they had two chances and put them.

Juventus is at the top of Group H at nine points, two points ahead of United.

"We will learn from our mistakes and we still lead the group, so everything is fine," Ronaldo said.

They won the Champions League in 2010 00:53

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