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SAS wants to get rid of us


According to the Norwegian pilot union, long negotiations depend on two agreements that have already been finalized.

One has to do with career opportunities and the other refers to the so-called roles sharing agreement, which deals with which pilots, employees of SAS Scandinavia, want the plan.

According to the Norwegian pilot union, there is concern in the future regarding Norwegian drivers.

– When the agreements that regulate profitable production companies are over, we suspect that SAS has other plans for us in the future and that they intend to get rid of us. It is not included in SAS's future plans when these agreements are concluded, according to the union's pilot president, Levi Skogvang, at NRK.

The concern of the Norwegian drivers: SAS wants to get rid of us

The roles sharing agreement was concluded between the parties in 2004.

– He survived the crisis in 2012. Now he also lives when SAS earns a lot of money, so it's strange that someone decides to terminate this agreement, says Levi Skogvang.

But the press director of SAS in Norway, Knut Morten Johansen, believes that the agreement to share it is not relevant today.

The Norwegian union says that two agreements are crucial to resolve the ongoing conflict.


For NRK, it says that at the time the agreement was concluded, other airlines, including Panair, Air Baltic and BMI, were included in SAS.

– It is not relevant in 2019 in the current competitive situation, he says.

He adds that, in relation to the negotiations, the union was offered a lifelong job guarantee for all pilots, which they should refuse.

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