Tuesday , October 19 2021

SMHI on the snowfall: it becomes problematic | Göteborg message


It is expected that the Vänern area will receive up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow. There it can also be windy, with oriental winds that can cause snow slopes.

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But we have eliminated the meteorological warning prior to the county of Skåne, where the largest amount of rain has changed in the rain, says Tomas Fyrby, a meteorologist calling SMHI.

During the afternoon and evening Sundays, the snowy area has continued to extend northward. Fyrby does not believe the warning situation will change overnight.

Although there will be no more warnings, it will undoubtedly be problematic in many places, since the snow is combined with the wind. Traffic will surely bother, he says.

The Swedish transport administration has prepared for the snowy weather and the affected regions have reached the level of preparedness for emergencies 1. However, the weather has not caused major traffic problems at age 18 .

There have been relatively few accidents that have affected the traffic. However, there have been minor accidents in which there is no need to close the roads, says Sara Lindström to the Swedish Transport Administration.

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