Monday , September 26 2022

Suspect arrested for murder – Motala –


At 18.31 on Thursday night, the police were called to address in Ekon in Motala for a criminal offense. Several police patrols were ordered on the site along with ambulance assistance.

"We made an assessment that this was a serious event, it was the feeling we received from the conversation," said chief police officer Monika Bergstrom, who did not want to get into whom she was upset.

When the police arrived, the person was found dead in the apartment.

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A moment later a person was arrested.

"It was a shameful operation," says Bergstrom.

Can you tell me something about the person being brought to life?

"It's too early to comment.

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The person in question is suspected of murder and was taken to the police station. The test will be held during the evening.

"At this early stage we do not want to go to age or gender, either to the victim or to the detainees," says Bergtrom.

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"We have no doubt that there are more offenders. We have the one we want.

Did the victims and the perpetrators know?

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– Yes, they have some sort of connection.

There are no conclusions outside the current address, but the police are in effect as a measure of creating security. And the police follow those who live on the property and go to their apartments

Police Inspector Kent Almroth says this to our reporter if this happened:

– It's an isolated event.

The police are on their way to the Motala of Jönköping. The goal is to try to get a picture of what happened.

At 21:30, the prosecutor appears, says Monika Bergstrom. At 22:00, the suspect was arrested, probably a suspect for murder.

"This is a growing suspicion," said Bo Gunnarsson, chief officer in the eastern police region.

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