Monday , April 12 2021

Tegnell on crown mode: nothing good

We seem to be heading for a third wave, according to Anders Tegnell, a state epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The authority has developed different scenarios of how development can be. The most serious scenario, which assumes that there will be more contact between people, shows that the third wave may be twice as long as Christmas.

Fortunately, vaccination will cause the death toll not to rise in the same way as before, says Tegnell, who, however, points out that the infection can still spread to a high level.

– If we vaccinate, it does not have a huge effect (on the spread of the infection), but it does have a huge impact on what happens in the neighborhoods, he says.

“Highly loaded”

In Sweden, there is an increase in the number of cases of infection for the third consecutive week. The weekly increase in new cases is about 10 percent, which is noticeable in the country’s intensive care units.

– Health care is very busy. Facing the resolution of this great need for care that can arise if the worst case scenario occurs is an extremely tough challenge for a healthcare sector that has been struggling for a long time, according to Taha Alexandersson, head of preparation for emergencies of the National Board of Health and Welfare.

Third wave

If the infection increases as in the scenarios presented by the Swedish Public Health Agency, it may be necessary with additional restrictions and closure of activities. Which measures become relevant depends on where the spread of the infection occurs and which measures are considered most appropriate. For example

– What we do now in the coming weeks will play a very important role in the development of this spring, says Anders Tegnell.

Another 56 deaths with confirmed covid-19 have been reported in Sweden, according to the Public Health Agency.

As a result, 12,882 infected people have now died in the country.

A total of 669,113 people in Sweden have been confirmed infected with covid-19.

To date, 527,186 people have received at least one dose of crown vaccine, according to the authority. This corresponds to 6.4 percent of the adult population. Of these, 273,992 people have received two doses, corresponding to 3.3 percent of the population.

New deaths in authority statistics have occurred in most cases several days earlier, and deaths that have occurred in the near future are not included due to delays in reporting. This means that the daily update shows the reported mortality rates, not the mortality rate for that particular day.

Source: Swedish Public Health Agency

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