Monday , April 12 2021

The new decision of the state: the inmates of the death row will be shot dead

The state of South Carolina senators decided yesterday that it is now okay to execute prisoners sentenced to death for arson.

This means that those sentenced to death will be shot dead.

The reason for the new decision is that South Carolina has simply run out of the drug used in lethal injections.

Death runner inmates can choose whether to use the “new” method, i.e., shooting, or the more classic electric chair.

“Sad and tragic”

South Carolina is one of nine states that has the electric chair as an option, and what they use is from 1912.

The electric chair as a method of execution is considered by many to be an inhumane and obsolete way of taking the life of a person sentenced to death. Instead, it is lethal injection that is considered the most “humane.” But now South Carolina no longer has a chance to offer that option.

The electric chair of a Tennessee state prison. Photo: Mark Humphrey / AP via TT

The arquebus can seem like an unusually brutal way to carry out a death sentence, and since 1960, only the state of Utah has used this method, and only four times. Arquebus is allowed throughout the United States in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Utah and now also in South Carolina, according to AP.

– There is nothing good in any of the methods. They are horrible, they are sad and tragic in a way. Justice is not always fun. But it’s fair, I mean Greg Hembree, senator in South Carolina and one of the people behind the introduction of the arquebus.

Harsh criticism of the death penalty

Earlier this year, the first woman since the 1950s was executed at the federal level. It was Lisa Montgomery, 52, who received a fatal injection in January.

The death penalty is, as is well known, a much-criticized story. According to Amnesty, death sentences in the United States are often marked by legal uncertainty, arbitrariness and racism.

– Through statistics from the Death Penalty Center, among others, it is also clear that the death penalty itself does not counteract crimes, that is, it does not deter. In contrast, in states that have the death penalty, the murder rate in the United States is higher than in states that do not have the death penalty., a Ami Hedenborg, Amnesty spokesman in Sweden, a News24 in connection with the death of Lisa Montgomery.

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