Sunday , April 11 2021

The Swedish Tax Agency requires that the King games company be in SEK 3.6 billion

The reason for the increase is that the Swedish Tax Agency believes that in Sweden the intellectual property rights of the King software were not lost, they collected data and brands of games such as Candy Crush and Farm Heroes in relationship with King, which was acquired by the American Games Activision Blizzard 2016 group.

– We believe there has been a transfer of company rights to Sweden. We want to impose this transaction half of the value of intellectual property rights, says Roberth Glansberg to the Tax Agency in the newspaper.

The Swedish Tax Agency has previously required King of more than 500 million crowns of profits that the authority considered King hiding in Malta.

King Spokeswoman Charley Tesch writes in an email to the newspaper that the company "regrets that the Swedish Tax Agency does not share our views on how Kings' businesses should pay correctly and just ".

It writes, among other things, that the company should maintain a continuous dialogue with the authority to find a solution to the problem.

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