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The unemployment rate is lower in ten years, but many job seekers are still unqualified


Unemployment is less than ten years old and last year's warning number was lower than in a long time. At the same time, many job seekers do not have the qualities that entrepreneurs strive for. This shows new statistics from the Public Employment Service that are presented today.

"The Swedish labor market is still strong and our forecast for the labor market shows the good demand for work for 2019," says Annika Sundén, Head of Employment at the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The number of registered unemployed has decreased both for women and for men, native and foreign, and regardless of the educational level, compared with last December.

344,000 people were registered as stops at the end of last year, which is 22,000 less than in the previous year.

Many lack the skills that are required
Despite a rapidly expanding labor market, the analysis shows that a large part of those registered in the Swedish Public Employment Service do not have the competence of business people.

– We still have a lot of job seekers who find it difficult to get a job in the labor market. There is no need for a combination of initiatives: regular education, subsidized employment and the lowest thresholds in the labor market, says Annika Sundén, because there are no more people for longer periods without work.

Small amount of notifications
The strong labor market also appears in the number of notifications registered in the Public Employment Service.

Last year, a total of just under 36,000 people received notice of termination and, during the years 2000, the level was only low on three occasions, in 2000, when the name was 28,000 in 2007, when the number was 30,000 and 2017, when it was 35,000.

At the same time, the entry of new vacancies to the Employment Service in 2018 reached an average of 110,000 new seats per month.

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  • 7.0% was registered as unemployed (7.5). * A total of 344 413 people (365 889), of which 44,991 (57,600) were established.
  • 8.7% of young people between 18 and 24 years old were registered as unemployed (10.1). * A total of 46 728 young people (53 297), of which 7 556 were in the establishment (10 801).
  • 185 712 people were openly unemployed (198,500).
  • 158,701 people participated in programs with activity support (167,389).
  • 22,581 people registered as openly unemployed (23,288).
  • 23 524 people received work (27 522), of which 682 were in the establishment (1. 920).
  • 2,940 people received notice of termination (3,015).

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