Thursday , May 19 2022

TV: Lindelof returned to decision: "He finished his entire training"


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See Janne Andersson comment on Lindelof's status in the player above.

Solna. Victor Nilsson Lindelof trained in the national team on Monday.
Full training, according to Janne Andersson.
"Then we will be able to physically evaluate it," the Feders say.

When Sweden last Saturday beat Turkey on vacation, Victor Nilsson Lindelof was forced to take a break. Midfield in Manchester United felt "hanging". During the week, assistant coordinator Peter Vettergren announced that the goal of Nilsson Lindelof to be fully trained on Monday.

During the first 15 minutes of training, which the media saw, there were 24-year-olds. According to federal Janne Andersson, Nilsson Lindelof was in full training and now believes the midfield will play against Russia on Tuesday.

– "Vigge "finished the entire training today, and then we will be able to evaluate him in the evening, but he has dressed, Andersson says.

Moreover, Andersson explains that he did not consider it current to call in the middle of the team, as he had a strong belief that Nilsson Lindelof would be completely healthy before the match against Russia.

Sweden won in the group of national leagues. Then you advance into the A-Division of the tournament.

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